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Something extraordinary is about to happen.

A Pioneer Film Like You’ve Never Seen Before

As part of the Willie Handcart Company, Levi Savage (Jasen Wade) feared that leaving late in the season would lead to despair and death. What he came to find out is that for every tragedy, there is a multitude of miracles.

Based on unbelievable actual events, and brought to you by filmmaker T.C. Christensen (Praise to the Man, The Work and the Glory), 17 Miracles will open your eyes to the stories of the Mormon Pioneers as you have never seen them before. Something extraordinary is about to happen.

August 21, 1856 Thursday, Plat River.
Today we traveled up the Plat bottom to another bend in the river for twelve miles. The grass was high. The roads were sandy and the weather very warm.
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Levi Savage kept meticulous records as he made his journey west toward the Salt Lake Valley. Many of the unbelievable miracles showcased in 17 Miracles come directly from Levi's first hand journal entries.

Brought to you by T.C. Christensen (Praise to the Man, The Work and The Glory), 17 Miracles< is bound to be a classic movie that will live on for generations.

Many of extras who were cast in 17 Miracles were actual decendants of the Willie Handcart Pioneers, an extra detail that makes the movie even more significant.

Beautiful cinemetrography together with incredible storytelling and unbelievable miracles make 17 Miracles a movie your whole family will enjoy.

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